FABIAN TORO is known in almost all of America for many years for his versatile voice. It is official voice of channels as Discovery Communications U.S. Hispanic and Latin America such as: Turbo, World, Civilization, Discovery Science, HD Theater, Cinemax - HBO,  INTI Tv and  others; In addition to countless mass media campaigns.

This disposition of styles and his studied neutral accent in Spanish, have led him to win 10 times, in different categories, The Voice Arts Awards in Hollywood and New York, as best Voice Over in Spanish

His consistent work is a resolution of innovation in each of the aspects of the Voiceover industry as a voice artist.  Neutral accent in Spanish, certified.

Vocal range: Young adult, medium, adult, senior, mid-range, low, deep range.

Commercials, E learning, Audiobooks, radio, On Air promo Tv: Sports, drama Action , Romance, Movie Trailer.
The human voice will be almost the only reference above the technology, and synonymous with brands and names, so, the warmth, closeness, proximity, connection, will be some of the aspects that can not be replaced in privacy , the sensuality and the mystery of the stories that are told in the brands, the media and life.
His impartial or neutral accent is authentic and carefully applied and studied for the diversity of Hispanic cultures that demands unifying symbols.

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