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SACHAMAMA Nominee Voice Arts Awards

Actualizado: 18 de oct de 2018

A Nomination to the Voice Arts Awards is of global relevance, but being nominated for a campaign that meshes the intentions of a world that directly inserts a wake-up call, gives it a superlative value, due to the most pure and disinterested intentions that it has together with the most representative characters of the Hispanic media world. An effort of the Emmy-winning Peruvian Journalist Vanessa Hauc, and in a titanic work of Carlos Zegarra who knows the environmental problems closely as it is his work stops being just a discourse like Marine Biologist whose dedication and passion for the environment was recognized with two Emmy Awards, in Northern California. To achieve a powerful message with a powerful graphic language, Creative Director Jorge Otero put all the resources of production and post production in the realization of this campaign and thanks to the support of Peter Lopez, senior executive producer, it was possible to gather many talents of Telemundo and, of course, behind this achievement, Other Voices producer Edgar Rodríguez Reyes, Guacamaya Films and Mauricio Otero, and hundreds of people who collaborate in this campaign. That's why my gratitude for the opportunity to give Voice to the campaign "Together for a better planet" of the foundation SCHAMAMA http://sachamama.org/en/inicio/

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